Yogurt Bodybuilding NotesConsider the merits of yogurt and cottage cheese for bodybuilding and muscle growth.
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Yogurt, Cottage Cheese. Bodybuilders need protein. Many different protein sources are available from food. Yogurt and cottage cheese are derived from milk. These snacks have many of the same nutrients that milk has—including whey protein and casein protein.

Yogurt. Yogurt is made from milk. In fact the simplest and healthiest kind of yogurt would be the kind you could make at home. This is possible simply by heating milk and adding some yogurt with live culture to it.

Yogurt has a high amount of protein. It also has calcium—this too contributes to a diet that aims for muscular development and mass gain. We next look at the nutritional facts for Yoplait yogurt, a popular brand.

Yoplait original nutritional information
Calories: 170 Calories from fat: 15 Total fat: 1.5 g Saturated fat: 1 g Cholesterol: 10 mg Sodium: 85 mg Potassium: 230 mg Carbohydrates: 33 g Sugars: 26 g Protein: 5 g

Problems with Yoplait yogurt. This is a small container of original, strawberry-flavored yogurt. There are some problems with its bodybuilding merits. It contains a lot of sugar. And it contains less fat than whole milk would have.

Note In fact the "Diet Exchanges" section lists this kind of yogurt as "1 skim milk."

For lifters, the body is using so much energy that reducing dietary fat from dairy products is not that useful. The dietary fat is burned off as energy. This is due to the physical changes that occur as a result of exercise.

Tip Actual whole milk—3.25% milk fat—is likely better for bodybuilders who are not lactose intolerant.

As a bodybuilder, the extra ingredients seem unlikely to do you much good. The reduced fat content is also not helpful—that saturated fat could be used to help a man's testicles produce more testosterone.

Note The extra sugar in this yogurt could be problematic. But this would only be a problem if you are not exercising enough.

Tip Store-bought, processed yogurt like Yoplait is not as good as whole milk for the bodybuilder. Its extra ingredients don't help.

And Skim milk is less effective than whole milk. Diets such as a gallon of milk a day use whole milk for maximum muscle growth.

Milk, Bodybuilding

Cottage cheese. Next, we consider cottage cheese, another healthy food made out of milk. Cottage cheese too has merits for the bodybuilder. Like milk it has protein, both whey and casein. But like yogurt, it has additional problems.

Caution Cottage cheese contains excess sodium. In fact most store-bought cottage cheese will have high sodium content.

Sodium in cottage cheese. Let's consult Wikipedia to determine the sodium content in cottage cheese. The page indicates that one serving of cottage cheese contains a high level of salt content.

Cottage cheese: Wikipedia

One serving of cottage cheese:
364 mg of sodium (24% daily allowance)

This salt content may not be problematic. But some bodybuilders should avoid excess salt. It can lead to fluid retention. And bodybuilders using creatine already have excess fluid retention. Salt potentiates this problem.

Tip Cottage cheese contains excess salt. This could be a problem because it leads to further fluid retention.

Also If a bodybuilder is supplementing with creatine, fluid retention is even more problematic.

Creatine and Lifting

Cheddar. As an aside, cheese—such as cheddar or Swiss—is also a useful bodybuilding food. This again is processed milk. And like cottage cheese, regular cheese contains extra sodium content.

Overall, whole milk is preferable from a bodybuilding nutrition standpoint. But variety is important to reduce boredom—if it keeps you motivated in working out, experimenting with new protein sources is worthwhile.

Artificial cheese. I would like to warn about fake cheese. Some cheese product is not actually cheese—it has no milk in it and is some sort of chemical product. This is not a bodybuilding food.

Tip I recommend you always make sure your cheese is natural. And if the cheese is sold in a can, it is suspect.

Health. Yogurt has certain health benefits. It benefits the heart and blood vessels: it boosts cardiovascular health. This could lead to improved running performance and easier breathing. A person's health should be considered as a whole.

Quote It was concluded that feeding diets supplemented with yogurts exhibited antihypertensive and hypocholesterolemic effects in spontaneously hypertensive rats.

Yogurt can beneficially affect blood

Story. A bodybuilding diet is hard to keep up. And it can be embarrassing at the store. Often over the years I have gone to the store to buy massive amounts of dairy products or eggs. And almost always I am the only person doing this.

I was at a big shopping center. I was searching for cottage cheese. Eventually I found it. And the young employee thought it was funny that I wanted cottage cheese. He said, "Cottage cheese tastes great."

Then The female employee said, "Don't annoy the customers!" But I was not annoyed. I was focused on the cottage cheese.

Cottage cheese does taste great and it is healthful. Its sodium content is pretty high. And because of this it is not a core bodybuilding food. More customers should go for the cottage cheese.

Summary. Many products are derived from milk: these include cottage cheese, yogurt, and cheeses such as cheddar or provolone. Often these foods have excess salt or even preservatives. Yogurt often has too much sugar added to it.

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