Testosterone NotesTestosterone is affected by weight lifting. Heavy and light weights benefit bodybuilders.
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Testosterone, lifting. I lift the loaded bar up. My thick arms handle those plates. My chiseled abs show in the harsh light of my home gym.

With weight lifting, a man's testosterone levels increase. Resistance exercise triggers a series of changes in his body. This affects his manliness.

Some info. Lifting weights increases testosterone. But the process of building muscle and gaining strength is much more complicated.

Ratio The ratio of testosterone to cortisol influences results. Lifting weights modifies your hormonal profile.

Lifting weights Increases testosterone. This has been measured in scientific research.

How heavy Both heavy and light weights will lead to increased T levels. Any style of resistance workout is a benefit here.

Squats. In a study one group of men did 10 sets of 5 squats at 70% of their body weight. The other group of men did not lift weights at all.

Measurements Testosterone and cortisol were measured in these men before, during and after their workouts.

Acute testosterone and cortisol responses

Squats, testosterone. The men's testosterone levels increased after their weight lifting workouts. This is an acute increase of testosterone.

Light weights. An increase in testosterone is found after even a high-repetition, light-weight workout. This means that lifting heavy is not the only way to build muscle.

So An increased level of testosterone, which leads to muscle growth, was found after high-repetition squats.

Trained men. The men who participated in this study were trained. They were not beginners and probably had lots of experience lifting weights.

Important They already had high levels of skeletal muscle. This could influence the study results.

Powerlifting. This involves lifting heavy weights. One study I found focused on elite powerlifters and how their testosterone and cortisol levels are influenced by lifting heavy.

And After exercise, cortisol was increased. As a reminder, cortisol is a catabolic hormone which tears down tissue—is a stress hormone.

Testosterone On the other hand, testosterone was not increased in the athletes. Hormone levels are complex.

Quote No significant change in testosterone concentrations was observed during the experiment in either men or women, which resulted in a marked decrease in the testosterone/cortisol ratio.

Cortisol, DHEA and testosterone concentrations

Muscle, testosterone. This study reveals a fascinating piece of information about strength and muscle growth. Muscle is not entirely dependent on levels of testosterone.

And Strength is not just a matter of testosterone levels. Nothing is that simple in our bodies.

Powerlifters, T. These extremely strong people—powerlifters—did not have an increase of testosterone levels after a meet. Lifting did not directly increase T.

Instead Their cortisol went up, which made the testosterone/cortisol ratio go down.

Testosterone-cortisol ratio. After lifting weights, bioavailable testosterone may increase. This is because the testosterone/cortisol ratio is critical, not just testosterone.

SHBG, plasma and urinary androgens in weight lifters

My analysis. Something more interesting is going on with how weight lifting affects your hormones. Exercise modifies your hormonal profile, changing your ratio of testosterone to cortisol.

And A workout may change how hormones are eliminated from your body. These changes are likely the ones that lead to increased muscle mass.

Quote These results suggest that intense physical activity may have an influence on the elimination of androgenic hormones due mainly to changes in their transporting protein SHBG.

Rest periods. Are rest periods during a weight training workout necessary? Some trainers will encourage people to rest several seconds or minutes between sets of lifting.

In my research I found one scientific study that supports this idea. It measured testosterone and growth hormone in two groups of men.

Groups One group lifted weights with no rest periods. The other group lifted weights with repeated rest periods.

Effects of very short rest periods

Rest, continued. Men who rested only 60 seconds between sets of their exercises—squat and bench press—gained the most growth hormone.

But Men who rested 120 seconds—two minutes—between sets of their exercises gained the most testosterone.

Therefore This study provides a good reason to take rest breaks while lifting weights.

Tip Waiting one or two minutes between sets of your lifts is a way to increase your growth hormone and testosterone responses.

Supplements. Knowing how supplements affect your testosterone levels after lifting is useful. Total testosterone is diminished by consuming carbohydrates after a workout.

Quote Ingesting [carbohydrate] after resistance exercise resulted in decreased [total testosterone] concentrations during recovery, although the mechanism is unclear.

Hormonal response to carbohydrate supplementation

Lift twice daily. Some enthusiastic trainees will try lifting weights twice each day to improve their results. Often this approach is not successful.

Next One scientific study analyzes how twice-daily lifting affects hormones such as testosterone.

Comparisons between twice-daily and once-daily

Study, continued. The weight lifters who lifted twice a day had more testosterone, and a more favorable testosterone to cortisol ratio.

Result The T increase in the twice-daily group was 10.5%. In the one-daily group it was 6.4%.

National-level male weightlifters. A study was done on national-level male weightlifters: the best of the best. And the divided training schedule had limited benefits for these men.

Story I once tried lifting weights every day. This quickly led me to overtraining and exhaustion.

And My strength dramatically went down. I don't recommend daily (or twice-daily) lifting for anyone near a normal fitness level.

Young, old. Age has a profound effect on your response to physical training. Despite this, one study shows that both young and old men have a hormonal response to weight lifting.

In the study The old men were on average 69 years old. The young men were 23 years old.

For both groups A moderate intensity and high repetition weight lifting workout increased testosterone and growth hormone.

Hormonal responses after exercise

Study, older guys. Older men have an attenuated response of growth hormone and testosterone. It is wise not to be too critical of older people. They have a less favorable hormonal profile.

Also Even if they do work out, they will receive fewer benefits from it than a younger man.

So It is hard getting old. If you are young, workout to have the benefits of a fit body.

Sunlight. A bronzed bodybuilder lies in the sun on the beach. He is synthesizing vitamin D. Low T levels are associated with low levels of vitamin D, a hormone.

Sun, Bodybuilding

Nipples. Testosterone affects the nipples of a man. This can cause a tingling sensation that may at first be alarming. I research nipples. Tingling nipples bodybuilding.

A personal note. Congratulations. You scrolled to the bottom of this page. What is the key point though? Lifting weights changes our hormonal balance to improve body composition.

Young People who are younger have better responses to exercise. So start as soon as you can.

Heavy, light Both heavy lifting and light weightlifting affect our hormones. A varied workout may be ideal.

When we lift, testosterone levels are affected. A complex interplay of growth hormone, testosterone, physical activity and other factors inside your body determine muscle growth.

Growth Hormone

A review. It is worthwhile to rest between sets of lifting. It is not necessary to lift extremely heavy weights to increase testosterone.

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