Stretch Marks InfoLearn some ways to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Bodybuilders commonly get stretch marks.
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Stretch marks are called striae distensae. Doctors call them a cosmetic problem. Bodybuilders often get these scars—they are caused by a size increase due to fat, muscle, or other growth.

Permanent. I looked at a dermatology page about striae distensae. It was very clear. Stretch marks will not go away completely, even with expensive treatment. They are permanent. They are like scars but often cover larger parts of the body.

Quote In current practice, even with the significant dermatologic advances in topical medicaments and light-based devices, total resolution of these lesions remains an unattainable goal.

Striae Distensae Treatment

Prevention. The information tells us that prevention is much more effective than treatment for stretch marks. Therefore, if your skin is vulnerable to developing stretch marks, monitoring your weight carefully is the best solution.

However This is not easy for pregnant women—weight gain is necessary in this situation.

And For some, the skin is so fragile that stretch marks are inevitable. Even slight weight gain can cause them.

Fading. Stretch marks fade. Let's go back to that eMedicine page. It refers to "striae rubra" and "stria alba." Rubra refers to red and alba refers to white. So stretch marks can go from red to white.

Note If your skin is light-colored, a white stretch mark will not be highly visible in most situations.

Stretch mark names:
Striae rubra: red stretch marks Striae alba: white stretch marks

Lotions. If your stretch marks are still red or purple, it may be possible to improve the final appearance by using lotions or other topical drugs. Moisturization as with lotion is also recommended.

Quote Intensive moisturization of the lesions and the use of vitamin C, fruit acids, retinols, and other pharmaceuticals has been advocated for the early treatment of striae distensae rubra (Striae Distensae Treatment).

Striae change over time. They have a natural series of changes in color and appearance. They start off as purple or red and raised. This then changes to white and wrinkled skin. We check the Indian Journal of Dermatology.

Quote The natural evolution of striae is for the red to purple, raised wavy lesions (striae rubra) to fade and leave white atrophic lesions with a wrinkly surface (striae alba).

Striae distensae: Indian Journal

Areas. Some medical resources indicate that certain conditions cause stretch marks on the back. But these can occur on normal, healthy people as well. I once asked a physician about the stretch marks on my lower back, lumbar area.

And The physician responded that lumbar stretch marks were only a cosmetic issue.

Story. Stretch marks are more common on women. This is partly due to pregnancy. As a man I have gotten many stretch marks. Some of these could be due to my experience as a bodybuilder lifting weights. A medical problem could have caused them.

Note Any medical problem that causes weight gain or weight loss can cause stretch marks.

So If a disease causes weight loss, and then it is resolved, you will experience rapid weight gain—and possibly stretch marks.

I have fair skin. It easily develops stretch marks. It also freckles with minimum exposure to the sunlight. As years pass the stretch marks on my legs, arms and back tend to fade to white or silvery lines.

And When the stretch marks first appear, they are purple or dark red. Stretch marks are essentially scars.

Tip The thighs and areas near the gluteus maximus area are common places for stretch marks.

Bodybuilding. As a bodybuilder, can you reduce the likelihood you will get stretch marks? Some skin is more fragile—so having good genetics is perhaps most important. I am over 200 pounds, and I have gained this weight over the past ten years.

And Most of the time I did not gain massive weight fast. I have not appeared obese despite a high body mass index—BMI.

But With pale skin, I am prone to skin cancer and my skin is also fairly fragile.

So It tears—I get keloid scars as well. For me, no amount of skin lotions would completely eliminate stretch marks.

Muscular arms are a positive attribute. Having those same arms covered in stretch marks is not as desirable. Perhaps the best thing to do is to wear your stretch marks with pride. Our bodies are not perfect. Neither is our skin.

Tip If you are a bodybuilder with stretch marks, be proud. They are a trophy of your struggle with those heavy weights.

Large Arms

Corticosteroids. Corticosteroids include prednisone and Cortef (hydrocortisone). Using this class of medications, such as for conditions that involve inflammation, may also result in stretch marks.

Caution I would be wary of anyone who tells you how to prevent all stretch marks. It might help healthy people who have durable skin.

And Often these claims are exaggerated to sell more products or books. People want your money.

Summary. Stretch marks are permanent. But if you catch them early, you can possibly reduce the visual effect they have when faded. Dermatologists say that a total resolution of stretch marks is not possible.

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