Clean Protein ShakerDiscover how to clean protein shakers, making them smell nice again.
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Clean shakers. He likes to eat things. He likes to lift things. He does not like to clean things. But sometimes a protein shaker cup becomes rather smelly—this must be fixed.

Cleaning tips. We can clean these shakers. With this fast, cheap, easy cleaning technique, we remove the odor. Baking soda, which we often put in refrigerators to reduce smells, works well.

Steps. First, take the plastic protein shaker cup. These cups often have a clear body and a plastic top. If it smells, follow these steps to clean and remove this odor.

1. Rinse out protein shaker. You can do this with soap and water. Dishwasher soap is effective.

2. Add two spoonfuls of baking soda. Add them to the shaker. Two teaspoons of baking soda are enough. Use baking soda, not baking powder.

3. Fill shaker with water. Using tap water is good enough. It will just be used for cleaning.

4. Allow shaker to set for an hour. It is helpful to occasionally shake it. You can just let it set on the counter.

5. Dump out baking soda. The shaker should already smell much better. Baking soda neutralizes odors.

6. Rinse. Rinse it again with water. If you want, soap can be used again. The protein cup should not stink any more.

Baking soda is amazing. It is the best way to clean the bottles. Put a few spoonfuls of baking soda in the shaker, and fill the remainder up with water.

Then Let the bottle set on the table for several hours or even a day. Shake it every few minutes.

Also Readjust the bottle so that all internal parts are contacted with the liquid.

Rinse. Dump out the baking soda solution and rinse it with soap and water. Your protein shaker bottle should smell fresh and clean at this point.

Refrigerate. In the future, you can refrigerate your protein shakes to avoid this problem. Just washing the protein shaker cup with soap and water is not sufficient if it stinks.

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Tip If you reliably wash the cup immediately after every use, this may be effective.

My story. When I started lifting weights, I bought a big tub of whey protein. I liked drinking whey protein shakes. I drank them every day.

But I found after about four days that the shaker could stink if it wasn't cleaned properly. This smell bothered me.

With a cleaning tip, I realized that whey protein does not smell bad. I was able to continue my workouts and move ahead with improving myself.

Summer In the summer when it is warm, people tend to be more physically active.

Some notes. The protein content in whey and casein protein (found in milk) seems to be particularly bad for odors. Beans (which also have high protein) can smell bad in the same way.





A summary. If your protein shaker cup starts to smell bad, using baking soda can remove the odor. Whey protein is effective at increasing your fitness level.

Some benefits. Protein shakes help increase protein in your diet. And if you are discouraged by the odor, this cleaning tip can help keep you motivated.

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