Raw EggsEat raw eggs to gain muscle size and bulk up. Safety is a concern, so be careful.
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Raw eggs. He cracks the eggs open and puts them in the cup. He stirs them (it is kind of gross). He thinks about how big his muscles are going to be.

After a few moments, he drinks the eggs. The drink is slimy but he is accustomed to this by now. It does not cause him any stomach upset. He already feels bigger.

Health benefits. Raw eggs have health benefits. They are sometimes dangerous. Are raw eggs safe to eat when trying to build muscle mass?

Concern There is concern about raw eggs—they can contain Salmonella. The risk may not be as expected.

Tip Raw eggs help build muscle. They have specific benefits, including nutrients, when raw. Allergies to raw eggs do not develop.

Tip 2 Raw eggs may be contaminated. Please be careful with them. Eat raw high-quality and fresh eggs, not cheap ones.

Risks. We point out the risks of raw eggs as stated in an article by Dr. Ben Kim. Dr. Kim states that the health risks of eating raw eggs is not worrisome.

And He notes the statistic that one out of every 30,000 eggs may be contaminated.

Quote Personally, I don't worry about this issue at all. People all over the world—particularly in Russia, China, and Korea—have included raw eggs in their diets for thousands of years.

An Organic Egg: drbenkim.com

Benefits. What benefits are there to raw eggs? Some believe that raw eggs are more easily digested. As with many nutrition theories, this is not always accepted.

Allergies As Dr. Kim notes, raw eggs won't cause any food allergies to eggs to develop.

Quote For many, raw eggs are a better food choice than cooked eggs because all heat-sensitive elements are fully intact in raw eggs (An Organic Egg: drbenkim.com).

Muscle. Those of us interested in muscle—in weight lifting, bodybuilding, powerlifting, or simply fitness in general—are enthusiastic about eggs as well.

Rubgy For the Indian rugby team, players were advised to eat 15 eggs a day. The players were too small to be top players.

And It is likely that some of the players consumed these eggs, at least in part, completely raw.

Story. I like eggs. Several years ago, I tried a diet that mainly was raw eggs. I ate between 20 and 40 raw eggs a day. I was interested in the health benefits of this diet.

Tip Raw eggs are good for you but should be eaten with care. Low-quality raw eggs are risky.

Experience. I was on the diet for about a year. I gained about 20 pounds—this was mostly in the form of muscle mass. I looked healthier and stronger.

And The diet had a positive effect on my appearance. Although I started looking too fat.

I stopped the diet mainly because I was tired of eating that many raw eggs. Also, I developed Salmonella because of a contaminated batch of eggs.

Warning I was buying cheap eggs. I paid the price for them. My bathroom needed cleaning afterwards.

Eggs and Muscle-Building

Salmonella The Salmonella I experienced was not severe. I had diarrhea for a couple days. I felt tired.

But Other than those symptoms, nothing noticeable occurred. I do not think I even stopped my exercise program.

Gained weight. I did gain weight on the raw egg diet. This was obviously not just body fat. It also was a lot of muscle mass particularly in my chest and butt.

Healthy I looked healthier on the raw eggs than I had for years before. When I went off the diet, I looked less healthy.

Research. How often do eggs actually contain Salmonella poisoning? I found research from Japan. Salmonella was found in five egg shells out of the 20,300 eggs tested.

Also Salmonella was only found in the shells. This was from 2010. The inner egg parts were safe.

Quote Of 2030 pooled egg samples (10 eggs/sample), Salmonella was isolated from five shell samples (0.25%), but not from any of egg-content samples.

Salmonella prevalence in commercial raw shell eggs

Health. Are raw eggs a healthful food? The answer is complex. If I were to resume eating raw eggs, I would only eat raw eggs that are of high quality sources, not cheap supermarket ones.

Also It is not necessary to eat 20 or 40 raw eggs a day unless you are underweight. This often contains excess calories.

Gain muscle weight. If you are trying to gain muscle weight, a diet heavy in raw eggs is useful. I recommend as many as 20 a day.

And It is healthy to add muscle. If raw eggs can help you do that, they too are healthy.

Tip Raw eggs can cause Salmonella poisoning, which may not be severe. They contain protein and other nutrients such as vitamin A.

Also Expensive eggs are less likely to cause Salmonella poisoning. Eating fewer eggs and cooking them is safer.

A personal note. Many diseases are caused by excess body fat. If you can gain more muscle, this might help you burn fat and be more healthy. An egg diet could help in the long run.

A summary. Raw eggs are good for those with compromised digestive systems. They are helpful for gaining weight. I referenced the excellent summary by Dr. Ben Kim.

Athletes use eggs to gain strength. I shared my raw egg story, my experience with Salmonella, and how eggs affect muscle strength.

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