Neck Muscle TipsReview neck exercises that are done with weights. Bodybuilders and athletes build their neck muscles.
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Neck. A strong neck is important in athletics. It cushions and protects important structures. And in bodybuilding a thick neck shows strength.

A strong look. One clear signal that a man is built is neck thickness and muscularity. Exercises develop the neck. Other workouts, like just deadlifts, may help even more.


Neck harness. You can work out your neck by using a neck harness. This equipment is a strap that goes around your head and sets like a hat.

And On the sides a chain comes down in front of your face. Onto this chain you can attach a weight plate.

Tip When you first start using a neck developer, please keep the weights very light—at most 5 or 10 pounds.

Then You can quickly build up the weights to 25 pounds—or more depending on your neck strength.

Harness, continued. To attach the plates to the neck harness, stand up and put the harness on your head. While standing attach the plate.

Tip I have found it is not a good idea to attach the plate while the plate is on the ground.

Caution This can cause strain on your neck as you try to lift it off the ground. Be careful and start light.

Isolated. Neck harness exercises are isolated exercises. They are less important for total-body muscle gain. Doing heavy barbell squats could develop your neck more.

Tip Muscle development is a complex process. Exercise changes the hormone balance in the body's tissues.

And This causes muscles to enlarge and grow stronger—even those muscles you have not worked.

Injuries. Neck injuries are common in athletics. It is unclear whether doing weight training workouts targeting the neck reduces these.

Tip In one study, head and neck injuries were the second most common kind in football players.

Quote It was detected that lower-extremities were the most commonly affected body parts and the upper-extremity injuries and the head and neck injuries were the second and third most commonly seen injuries, respectively.

Football injuries on synthetic turf fields

Doing exercises that target the neck is worthwhile. The theory is that by strengthening and thickening the neck, injuries that occur will not as serious.

Also The muscle tissue will cushion and protect the bone and spine. Gaining weight (body fat) could also help cushion these structures.

Other exercises. In some exercises, the trainee lies on a weight bench and holds a weight plate against the back of his head. Then he moves his head up and down to work the muscles.

And In others, the head is moved from left to right with weights, or it is used to hold up the body while the trainee lies on a mat.

Some neck-building exercises are dangerous. Unless you are familiar with an exercise, be careful with it. Avoid twisting—this can lead to damage.

And Also, keep in mind whole-body muscle growth. The body will make your neck stronger if you do squats or any heavy, compound exercise.

Bodybuilding discussion. For the bodybuilder a thick neck shows strength. If you look at American football players a thick neck is common.

And In my opinion a thick neck is one thing that separates the truly strong from those who only work their biceps and abs.

A strong neck alters your physical appearance in a way you cannot hide. It changes others' perceptions of you. Care must be taken in weightlifting workouts.

Some neck exercises with weights are safe. A muscular, powerful-looking neck helps protect the spinal column. Neck injuries are common in strength sports.

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