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Muscle guy. The development of strength and muscle is an important part of a man's life. But what good is muscle if you cannot show it off? Here are some pictures of myself.
I hope you enjoy this brief tour of my muscular development. May everyone who wants to develop muscles, gain his or her muscular dream.
First picture. A few years ago, my muscular development was not as far along. So I think it is time for an update. Here my abs are looking a bit more defined.
Time frame:
START: 2009 CURRENTLY: 2021 ==> 12 years
Second picture. If I am trying to make myself look huge, having the camera angle upwards and standing by a side light is the best. I look massive here—where is my lunch?
Profile view. I have been told I look good from the side. For pictures, giving the arms a little flex can make them look more defined (not usually bigger though).
Arm measurements. For arm measurements, sometimes bigger is not better. Excess body fat can cause arms to look smaller. I guess all things are in proportion in bodybuilding.
Some flexing. I am flexing my chest and arm muscles. This is a pretty serious picture, but it does show the depth in my chest muscles.
Side triceps. Having a fairly lean midsection makes your arms look bigger. Everything is a matter of proportion in bodybuilding. I am doing a little flex.
Drink milk. I have done a lot of drinking milk and eating eggs. And a lot of deadlifts, dips. Some squats and bench presses but they are not my favorite.
Weight loss. I used to be kind of heavy. But through the bodybuilding lifestyle, I managed to reduce my body fat and increase muscle mass.
Lift shirt up. The bodybuilder lifts up his shirt and reveals his six-pack abs. Many years of work goes into building abs like this.
Arm side. So I don't know what I was trying to go for in this picture. I was trying to make my arm look big, and if you get near to the camera, you can make it fill up the picture.
Perfect body. I don't really lift weights to look perfect. Obviously, you can see I don't look perfect. But this picture I think looks good because it shows my six-pack.
Flexing biceps. So here I am flexing my biceps and looking bored. I mean I have done this before in the 10, 11 years I have been lifting weights.
Arm picture. My arms are quite fleshy and large. Sometimes they even get in the way when I am trying to move around, but not usually.
Curls. In the gym, arm size is developed through biceps curls. But other exercises, like deadlifts, are more important overall, even for arm size.
Final picture. As of right now, this last one is probably my favorite picture. I don't look like some chiseled model, I look like a man who wants to eat a large animal.
Health and fitness. It is not enough to look muscular. We must also feel healthy and good—perhaps being strong is more of a feeling than a measurement.
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