Multivitamin Muscle NotesLearn about multivitamins, which help bodybuilders. Multivitamins can improve strength training results.
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Multivitamins benefit bodybuilders. Many experts say that multivitamins are not necessary if you eat a balanced diet. But multivitamins are useful if you are not a nutritional expert.

My thoughts. Bodybuilders should use a multivitamin. They help with unknown deficiencies. It is possible to have a deficiency you don't know about.

Increased muscle gains This is possible when an unknown deficiency was helped by the multivitamin.

Thus A multivitamin, particularly when beginning strength training, can help cement gains by eliminating unknown deficiencies.

Bodybuilding. Let's consider reasons to take a daily multivitamin. What are the best arguments for multivitamin use in people engaged in strength training?

Nutrition First, people who are exercising have higher nutritional demands than less active people.

Knowledge Just because people are interested in fitness does not mean they know all the important stuff about nutrition.

Medical Some of us may have previous medical problems that could make the situation more confusing.

Unknown deficiencies. For bodybuilders the multivitamin will help cover for any unknown deficiencies in their diet—or even health problems they don't realize they have.

Also If we drink protein shakes or eat a special diet, multivitamins are more important. The diet is non-standard and may be unbalanced.


Strength and muscle. A vitamin or mineral deficiency impacts the rate at which a person builds strength and muscle. For example, zinc deficiency has been proven to decrease muscle strength.

Tip By taking a multivitamin, it becomes very unlikely you will have the same problem.

Magnesium, zinc and chromium nutriture


Diet. What about the other side of the debate? This side thinks that people should eat a nutritionally balanced diet and then no vitamins will be deficient.

So If you are sure your diet is perfect, you do not need a multivitamin. For the rest of us, we might prefer a little more help.

Also Check out the story for another reason why bodybuilders should use multivitamins.

My story. Some years ago I had begun my bodybuilding workouts. I was training every other day, reliably for once. I had gained weight from a couple years of laziness as college ended.

Strangely, my workouts seemed not to be going well. I was not gaining as much muscle as I wanted. I thought perhaps my diet was inadequate, and this was part of it.

But I kept taking a multivitamin once a day. I used the entire bottle of 300 tablets.

Anemia. I visited my doctor near the end of that summer. And in the blood work I had done, I found that I was anemic. I had iron deficiency anemia.

And I would have been in even worse condition had I not taken the multivitamin each day. My anemia would have been much worse.

Human bodies are complex. They may have deficiencies we do not know about. And this does not only apply to people living in poverty.

Cost. Most bodybuilders are not extremely wealthy. It is a sport that appeals to those without a lot of spending money. A daily multivitamin is not expensive.

Tip Reducing or eliminating nutritional deficiencies that could hamper your muscle-building efforts for such a small cost is a bargain.

A summary. A multivitamin each day gives you more peace of mind. It will prevent some conditions that decrease your strength training effectiveness.

Keeping focused. As an inexpensive supplement, a multivitamin will help keep you focused on your training. This is a huge benefit.

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