Milk Bodybuilding NotesDrink whole milk, even a gallon a day, for bodybuilding. The practice is called GOMAD.
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Milk. In bodybuilding, it is essential to consume enough calories to allow muscle growth. But too many is not needed, and will lead to fat mass.
Milk details. Drinking milk works for bodybuilding. Remember that saturated fat increases testosterone. Skim milk loses the fat and this hinders its effectiveness.
My results. I am pleased with my results from drinking half a gallon of milk per day. I find this supplement is about as good as eating many eggs.
So I gained about 10 pounds over a month. My body changed to be thicker and fuller, more like a football player.
Weight gain from milk:
+10 pounds ... (after 1 month)
Low-fat milk. Does low-fat milk work for gaining muscle mass and strength? I recently bought a gallon of low-fat milk on accident—it was early in the morning.
Here I recorded the nutrition facts so that I could compare it to whole-fat milk.
Low-fat milk nutrition facts:
Amount: 1 gallon Calories: 2080 Fat: 80 g Saturated fat: 48 g Cholesterol: 320 mg Sodium: 2080 mg Carbohydrates: 192 Protein: 128
Whole milk. Let us compare whole milk. Remember that regular whole milk is 3.25% milk fat. Low-fat (reduced-fat) milk is either 1% milk fat or 2% milk fat.
Info I looked at a gallon of whole milk—these are often sold with red caps. I recorded the nutrition facts for all 16 servings together.
Note If you were to drink a gallon of whole milk each day, you would get 2400 calories.
Whole-fat milk nutrition facts:
Amount: 1 gallon Calories: 2400 Fat: 128 g Saturated fat: 80 g Cholesterol: 560 mg Sodium: 1920 mg Carbohydrates: 192 Protein: 128
Difference with low fat. The low-fat milk has less fat and saturated fat. The difference in calories comes entirely from fat. The whole milk contains 320 more calories.
Tip A stick of butter contains 800 calories. It has high saturated fat but no carbohydrates.
Gain muscle. Milk has helped me gain muscle. My general physique tends not to be extremely lean but rather bulky. I am told I look healthy at my current weight.
Therefore This leads me to continue recommending the GOMAD, or similar milk-based, plans for young men.
Dietary fat. It seems intuitive that the fat you eat will be stored as fat on your body. This is not true. A study done by Harvard University conclusively demonstrated this.
Result People who eat high-fat diets are not more overweight than those who eat low-fat diets. Sometimes the reverse is true.
A debate. There is debate about high-fat and low-carbohydrate diets. Few people are happy on these diets. But they have shown us that high-fat diets do not equal high body fat.
Warning It is important to consider lactose intolerance. If you have lactose intolerance, whole milk could be bad for your health.
Milk has many forms. You might prefer yogurt or cottage cheese. But be careful to avoid excess sodium or sugar. Those things are not needed in great amounts.
A review. Whole milk is good for you in moderation. And sometimes even a lot of it is useful, as in GOMAD. Milk helps build muscle. It helps keep you active and strong.
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