Growth Hormone NotesLearn how to increase GH, growth hormone. Heavy lifting, diet, supplements and age are important.
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Growth hormone. I have big hands. My feet are wide. Years ago I went to a doctor. The first thing he checked was my growth hormone (IGF-1) level.

After a head injury, I started gaining weight. Like a lot of weight. But then it stopped. Over the next few years though I ended up looking completely different.

In bodybuilding, our bodies release GH. In pain and injuries, our bodies release GH. These can lead to conditions that may resemble acromegaly.

Note For me, my hands and feet became thicker. I ended up about 70 pounds heavier than before.

Fingers My fingers developed a small level of digital clubbing, which is due to soft tissue swelling.

Head My head looks different. I also ended up with a strange scalp condition, cutis verticis gyrata.

Intro. It is said that weightlifting tears down muscles. Then the muscles repair and become larger and stronger. The actual process is more complicated.

Instead Lifting influences hormones (growth hormones, IGF-1) released by the pituitary gland.

Tip Lifting heavy increases growth hormone. This has been measured by scientific research.

Heavy lifting. First we look at a medical study on heavy lifting and GH at night. In this study done at The Pennsylvania State University, ten men lifted heavy weights.

Night Then their blood was drawn every ten minutes at night. This does not sound fun. I hate needles.

Also It is unclear how well these men could sleep with their blood being drawn that much. I can hardly sleep in my bed at home.

Quote This investigation examined the hypothesis that acute heavy-resistance exercise (AHRE) would increase overnight concentrations of circulating human growth hormone (hGH).

Growth hormone pulsatility profile characteristics

Study, continued. The men performed a two-hour, high-volume weightlifting workout that had many sets. I wonder if this was really heavy lifting or high-volume lifting.

Tip The term "AHRE" means acute heavy-resistance exercise. Scientists use obscure terms to sound smart.

Quote The AHRE was conducted from 1500 to 1700 and was a high-volume, multiset exercise bout (Growth hormone pulsatility profile characteristics).

Study, sleeping. When the men were sleeping, their blood was tested at night. GH was actually lower in the men who lifted—for the first half of the night.

Then In the second half of the night the growth hormone was higher in the men who lifted.

Summary, key point. The key to getting the benefit of your weightlifting workout is to sleep the full night. If you cut short your sleep, you will miss the increased GH.

Abuse. Sometimes bodybuilders will abuse recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) in an attempt to build muscle mass. Bodybuilders will do anything for an edge.

Idiots Bodybuilders are idiots. Don't do things that are dangerous if you want to live to enjoy your muscular body.

Note There are some side effects of growth hormone. In the article "Growth hormone use by bodybuilders" I found a medical perspective.

Quote For instance, fluid retention is a frequent effect of GH use, but rarer and potentially more dangerous effects such as benign intracranial hypertension, increasing incidence of melanocytic naevi and hyperglycaemia have also been reported.

Growth hormone use by bodybuilders

My perspective. Given that heavy lifting and sleeping the full eight hours can increase your growth hormone, the extra expense and risk of using growth hormone is unnecessary.

Young men. The aging process affects how much growth hormone you have. It also changes how your body responds to heavy lifting by releasing growth hormone.

Older men As we age we experience less increases in testosterone and growth hormone (IGF-I).

And For more information I looked at an experiment done at Ball State University in Indiana.

Quote The younger group demonstrated higher total and free testosterone and IGF-I than the older men, training-induced increases in free testosterone at rest and with exercise, and increases in resting IGF-binding protein-3.

Effects of heavy-resistance training

GH, age. The men were on average 30 and 62 years old. The men 30 years of age had higher testosterone even without working out than did the men 62 years of age who lifted weights.

So Older men took longer to recover and had smaller hormonal responses to weightlifting.

Testosterone, Lifting

Age, fitness. Getting old does not help your level of physical fitness. Older people have fewer hormones in addition to other problems.

Therefore It is unfair to compare your level of fitness against that of people who are much older than you are.

Protein. Supplements affect growth hormone response. A protein supplement can increase how much testosterone and growth hormone is released into your body.

Quote Growth hormone and prolactin responses on day 1 were significantly higher during supplementation.

Hormonal responses to consecutive days

Study, details. The men were given a protein-carbohydrate supplement (containing whey protein or milk). As a reminder, milk contains both carbohydrates and protein.

Next The men were instructed to perform several sets of weightlifting exercises for several days. Blood tests were given.

Study, results. The protein supplement increased growth hormone (IGF-I) and increased glucose and insulin. As a reminder, insulin is an important muscle-building hormone as well.

Finally The group in the study that used the supplement gained more muscle size but did not become stronger than the other group.

Bulk Protein-carbohydrate supplements may be most useful for muscle bulk, not strength.

Quote Thus the extra protein and carbohydrate provided by the supplement did not enhance acute muscular performance (Hormonal responses to consecutive days).

Weight loss. Often bodybuilders try to lose body fat. This has an effect on growth hormone and testosterone. One study measured the effects of rapid weight loss on anabolic hormones.

Note Some bodybuilders were part of the ERG—energy restricted group. This group had different blood test results.

Quote In ERG, insulinlike growth factor-1 (IGF-1) and insulin decreased significantly during the 11-week weight-reduction period. Testosterone was decreased only from week 11 to week 5.

Anabolic and catabolic hormones and energy balance

Sports drinks. Sports drinks that have caffeine, sugar, and taurine are available. How do these drinks affect the growth hormone response to weightlifting?

Tip Consuming these drinks before lifting weights can increase growth hormone after.

Note The group S consumed a sports drink containing caffeine, taurine and creatine. The group P did not.

Effect of a pre-exercise energy supplement

Study, sports drinks. This study shows sports drinks that increase the vigor and length of your exercise will cause your growth hormone to go up further.

Details The increase in growth hormone is indirect. It occurs as a result of increased amounts of exercise.

So The more you work out, and to some extent the harder you work out, the greater your growth hormone response.

And Energy drinks that enhance your exercise capacity will increase your growth hormone response.

Fear, injury. In my research I found that an injury can cause a massive release of GH. Weightlifting is in a sense an injury. Surgery is also a form of injury.

Warning Please do not cause an injury to yourself. This could increase your GH but it is not worth the pain.

Summary. Growth hormone helps promote the enhancement of muscular bulk. There are many ways to naturally influence your growth hormone. It is increased by several factors.

One factor that causes an increase in GH is heavy weightlifting. When you see guys who have been bodybuilding for five or more years, sometimes they look different. This might be GH.

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