Protein Shakes in FridgeProtein shakes can be refrigerated. The fridge prevents a protein shake from developing an odor.
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Fridge. This is the most important invention ever. A huge bodybuilder knows the importance of refrigeration. It makes things (like protein shakes) cold.

Fridge, continued. Some months ago I made a protein shake. I set it on the counter. I forgot about it. Outside, the summer sun was hot.

It started to smell, like rotten eggs. It became a monster. I think it had bad plans for me. I had to be careful as I killed it (I poured it down the drain).

However This disaster can be averted. Protein shakes can be stored in the fridge. This helps reduce problems.

Protein Important for big muscles (a bodybuilder's highest goal). Refrigerating protein shakes can lead to a better routine.

Keep things cold. The refrigerator is my favorite thing in my home. It can store lots of tasty things. Some things, like protein shakes, help build bigger muscles.

Tip Protein shakes can be refrigerated. They taste good after being left in the fridge for several hours.

Tip 2 This can prevent odors. Protein shakes will go bad if left out. This often smells terrible.

Meal replacements (and whey or casein protein shakes) are a good thing to store in the refrigerator. The lower temperature prevents the protein from rotting.

So You can skip cleaning your protein shaker many times, and just store it in the fridge.

And It will not become stinky or rotten. Bacteria and mold growth is slowed by the low temperature.

Odors. With baking soda, we can clean protein shaker bottles that smell bad. I use this tip whenever I am using protein powder frequently. My apartment stinks less.

Protein Shaker

Routine. A lifter can drink several protein shakes a day. Mix the protein shake in the morning and drink it throughout the day. You can even store it overnight in the fridge.

Gains Studies have shown that weight lifters who consume whey protein regularly achieve greater gains.

And By storing the protein shake in the fridge, you can keep your sanity and also improve your gains due to strength training.

Background. Protein shakes make you bigger and stronger. And they help reduce some problems with food. If you drink protein shakes, you can more easily avoid unhealthy food.

So A protein shake has two benefits: it is healthy and helps you build muscles. But it also keeps us away from chocolate ice cream.


Many stores sell protein powders. Often, you can buy an inexpensive tub of them. Athletes (and people who have medical problems) use these protein powders daily.

Note In the past, I have used the Optimum Nutrition whey powder. I found it to mix well and taste decent.

Equipment. I use a shaker bottle to prepare protein shakes. You can find a shaker bottle at many health stores and also on many Internet sites. These protein shaker cups are handy.

Instructions. Some protein powders come with a standard scoop in the container. Dig this scoop out when you open your new protein tub.

1. Measure out scoops. Pour three scoops of protein powder into the shaker bottle.

2. Fill with water. Fill the shaker bottle mostly up with water. Milk can be used, but this is excessively thick.

3. Shake or stir. You can vigorously shake, or stir, the protein powder. I prefer to shake, as it is a cardio exercise.

4. Put in refrigerator. Put it in the refrigerator and don't forget it. The protein won't rot on you in the fridge.

5. Lift pink dumbbells. Do your workout (lift those pink 5-pound dumbbells you have). Then drink some of your protein shake.


Why refrigerate? It is important that we always refrigerate prepared protein powder. If we do not, a bad smell will develop. Protein will rot. This is unhealthy to eat (as you can imagine).

So I leave the shaker bottle in the refrigerator at all times—except when I am actually pouring from it.

Amount. I suggest you at first drink one scoop at a time. It is thought that for the human body, only about 30 grams of protein can be absorbed at one time.


And A bodybuilder should eat normal food for most of his or her calories. This is best for health.

Tip For this reason, when you have a protein shake with three scoops of protein in it, you should only drink one third of it in a sitting.

Cup In my experience, it is best to pour the protein drink into a separate cup on each serving.

Hunger. Protein shakes can contain your hunger and also lead to more muscle. But if they are too hard to prepare, you will not likely drink enough of them.

Protein shakes are a hassle. Sometimes they taste bad. But they are effective for muscle gains. Storing them in the refrigerator makes it easier to get into the habit of using them.

To review: cold protein shakes are tasty. And they go rotten slower. They usually do not taste like vomit. Focus on your results and drink them fast.

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