Eggs (Bodybuilding)Eggs help you gain muscle mass. Compare eggs to milk and reference scientific data.
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Eggs. In bodybuilding, animal protein helps lifters develop greater muscle mass. But is eating many eggs (raw or otherwise) a good idea?
A question. How many eggs per day should you eat to maximize muscle size? There are limits. 40 may be too many, but 15 is a good amount.
Muscle. The Indian rugby team had players that weighed much less than the top rugby teams. The sport of rugby depends on strength.
So The team's South African coach instructed the players that they must eat 15 eggs a day to gain weight.
Six For breakfast, six eggs should be eaten. The other eggs can be eaten at any time of the day.
Egg requirement:
Gain mass: 15 eggs/day
Sizes. The Indian rugby players weighed about 159-170 pounds. But most top rugby teams have players weighing 194-220 pounds. These guys needs to bulk up.
Weights before and after:
Before: 159-170 pounds After (eggs): 194-220 pounds
Eggs versus milk. The nutritional facts for a cup of whole milk include 146 calories. There are 8 cups in a gallon of milk. This equals 2336 calories—this is necessary for muscle growth.
Egg The nutritional facts for a typical large egg at a grocery store include 90 calories. With two dozen eggs, this equals 2160 calories.
Fat The total fat in the milk is 128 grams, while for the eggs it is higher at 144 grams fat.
Protein For protein, the milk contains 128 grams and the eggs contain 192 grams.
Eggs versus milk:
2 dozen eggs: 2160 calories 1 gallon milk: 2336 calories
Eggs are nutritious. They help us build muscle. This is partly because of the high fat content in the egg yolk, which might help increase testosterone.
High protein Eggs contain high levels of protein, which is the building block of muscles.
Tip Eggs are a complete protein. They contain all the amino acids necessary to build muscle mass.
Story. Eggs have been an important part of my bodybuilding diet throughout the years. I have eaten eggs cooked in every way—and also raw eggs.
Result Over time, this excess egg consumption has made my body bigger and stronger.
Info Eggs were one of the first foods that really changed my body from that of a teenager to a strong man.
And I gained over 60 pounds since I was 18 years old. I encourage you to eat more eggs and animal proteins.
Cook eggs. I tend to avoid cooking because I am hungry all the time. So when I cook eggs, I often mix them with some frozen vegetables and butter and microwave them.
1. Add 3 eggs to bowl. Make sure the bowl is microwaveable. Crack the eggs (you will get really good at this) into the bowl.
2. Add some vegetables. Try half a cup of frozen vegetables, like corn, peas or green beans. You should find your favorite vegetables.
3. Microwave for 3 minutes. Depends on your elevation, your microwave, and the amount of food. You might want to add a cover to the bowl.
4. Eat. This is the best part—be sure to eat the entire bowl. You will need to repeat this a few times a day.
Some notes. Bodybuilding is not an exact science. Our caloric needs depend on many factors. So I recommend eating more eggs, but don't punish yourself.
And If you only feel like eating 3 eggs in a day, this is better than nothing.
Tip Building muscle and becoming strong is a long-term goal, not a short term sprint.
Summary. For athletes in strength sports, such as rugby players, building muscle mass is important. Eating 15 a day is recommended by a top rugby coach.
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