Coffee Bodybuilding NotesSee how coffee may be useful for bodybuilding and muscle gain, and weight loss.
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Coffee. The bodybuilder looks like a mythical creature. But in reality he has normal problems. He sometimes has trouble waking up for his workouts. He needs coffee.

I drank another cup. It helped and I started doing my lifts. I felt energized. I felt my big muscles respond to the lifts and become larger and harder.

Background. A strong man sometimes needs help waking up. Coffee is a good choice for this. But it also helps increase his testosterone.

Muscles This leads to even stronger and larger muscles—and the other benefits of high testosterone levels.

Tip Scientific research has measured testosterone increases in men who drink coffee.

Less fat Coffee may lead to an increase in muscle size for bodybuilders. And this may reduce fat mass.

Muscle mass. Could caffeine cause an increase or decrease in muscle mass? The effects of caffeine could influence hormone balances and affect bodybuilding.

Note Caffeine increases testosterone. This means caffeine could help bodybuilders gain muscle mass.

Study. One study done in New Zealand found that competitive cyclists, treated with caffeinated chewing gum, had increased levels of testosterone.

Thus For athletic men, caffeine increases testosterone and could lead to increased muscle mass.

Quote Following caffeine treatment, testosterone increased by a further 12 +/- 14% (ES 0.50; +/- 0.56) relative to the placebo condition.

Caffeinated chewing gum: Study

Problems. There are problems with the research I pointed out. For example, caffeine could have an adverse affect on some other part of muscle synthesis.

Sleep Excess coffee and caffeine could disrupt sleep, which would reduce growth hormone exposure at night.

However Caffeine is a natural substance. It has been shown to have health benefits.

Tip I would not consider it a bad idea to use it in your drive for increased muscularity.

Before exercise. Caffeine increased testosterone when given before intense exercise. Caffeine is not a bad thing in terms of testosterone.

And Caffeine is a good thing for certain athletes. This includes bodybuilders, football players and runners.

Weight loss. As a bodybuilder, I have been overweight. This is because I eat too much. I have an interest in finding out what foods and drinks are helpful to drop some weight.

Question One question recently came to my mind. Is coffee a good weight loss tool?

Coffee and weight. Coffee can help you lose weight. Instant coffee is particularly useful. One study I found was done on rats. The rats were weighed.

Result It found that there was a definite excess loss of weight in rats given instant coffee over rats given no instant coffee.

Quote It is suggested that freeze-dried instant coffee can promote activities of antioxidant enzymes and induce weight loss but also aggravate the plasma cholesterol profile in rats.

Freeze-dried instant coffee: Study

Evidence. Continuing on, I looked at the Mayo Clinic website. Nutritionist Katherine Zeratsky has an excellent article about the dubious benefits of coffee.

And She does note that studies do support coffee as a weight loss tool. This is an important thing to remember.

Quote Caffeine may slightly boost weight loss or prevent weight gain, but there's no sound evidence that [it] results in significant or permanent weight loss.

Caffeine: Mayo Clinic

Some benefit. Coffee may be of some benefit. It won't solve all of your problems. I advise against stopping coffee if you are trying to lose weight.

Note Weight loss is important for bodybuilders. It helps them reduce body fat after bulking.

Instant coffee. I have been drinking instant coffee instead of regular brewed coffee. I had the question, Is instant coffee good for me?

Answer It seems there are certain differences between instant and regular coffee.

Tip Instant coffee is certainly convenient. It requires no special equipment or brewing.

Taste The taste of instant coffee and regular coffee is not important to its health benefits.

Also The convenience is not important Having good health is not always convenient.

Instant coffee, caffeine. The caffeine content of instant coffee versus that of regular coffee is probably the most important issue.

Less Instant coffee contains less caffeine than regular coffee. Obviously this does not take into account decaf regular coffee.

Quote The caffeine content of instant coffee is generally less than that of brewed coffee.

Instant Coffee: Wikipedia

Instant coffee
Caffeine concentration of 328 ul/ml

Drip or filter coffee
Caffeine concentration of 620 ul/ml

Caffeine content. Instant coffee has a bit more than half the caffeine content of regular coffee. This could mean you need to drink twice as much instant coffee.

Tip Alternatively, you could drink the same amount of coffee (brown liquid) and get less caffeine.

Thus For people sensitive to caffeine, instant coffee may be healthier because it contains less caffeine.

Some thoughts. As a strong, powerful bodybuilder, I sometimes feel too tired to work out. This sometimes means I need more recovery time.

However Sometimes another cup of coffee is a better solution. I am addicted to lifting weights.

Lifting Weights, Addictive

So I tend to feel unhappy when I do not do my exercises. Drinking another cup of coffee, and lifting, makes my day better.

A review. Coffee (and instant coffee) is beneficial to bodybuilders. It may help athletes hoping to increase their testosterone and lower their fat.

Like all things, coffee should be used in moderation. It has health benefits. Coffee is not the most important part of building muscle. Diet and training are critical.

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