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7/20/2021, edit: 4AM7/20/2021, edit: Garlic7/20/2021, edit: Neck7/20/2021, edit: Testicles7/20/2021, edit: Tea7/20/2021, edit: Arms7/20/2021, text: Pictures7/19/2021, edit: Pictures
7/8/2021, html css update
7/6/2021, html css update
7/4/2021, grammar: Dips7/4/2021, simplify: Dips7/4/2021, edit link: Neck7/3/2021, simplify: Tea7/3/2021, edit: Tea7/1/2021, simplify: Dumbbell7/1/2021, edit: Dumbbell5/25/2021, simplify: Abs5/25/2021, rewrite: Abs5/14/2021, edit: Garlic5/14/2021, image: Garlic5/14/2021, edit: Eggs5/14/2021, image: Arms
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