Casein Bodybuilding NotesResearch casein protein for bodybuilding. Compare casein protein to whey protein.
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Casein is milk protein. It is sold to bodybuilders to boost muscle gains beyond whey protein. But does it work? Is this worth buying? I do research to see if casein protein has advantages for bodybuilders.

Better? This study was done at the Mayo clinic. It showed that casein protein (Cas) kept being anabolic after the whey protein was fully used by the muscles. The effect was more prolonged for casein protein.

So This study establishes that for healthy people, casein protein lasts longer and provides an additional benefit over whey.

Quote Early after meal ingestion, amino acid absorption and retention across the leg were similar for WP and Cas, but as rates for WP waned, absorption and assimilation into skeletal muscle were better retained for Cas.

Coingestion of whey protein and casein

Equal? Next, this study tested casein protein on people who have breathing difficulty (COPD). It found that casein protein was equally effective as whey protein in starting "whole-body protein anabolism."

Bodybuilders are a different group of people, but their bodies would respond similarly to casein. This kind of protein would stimulate muscle growth. And casein protein is a useful supplement (even in milk form) for them.

Quote Hydrolyzed casein and whey protein meals comparably and efficiently stimulate whole-body protein anabolism in COPD patients with nutritional depletion without an additional effect of leucine co-ingestion.

Hydrolyzed casein and whey protein meals

Lactose. Many sources of casein protein will contain lactose. This is a problem for those of us who are lactose-intolerant. For this group, there are many options. Cheese and yogurt, even cottage cheese, contain less lactose.

Yogurt, Cottage Cheese

Also Ice cream may cause fewer problems for those with lactose intolerance. This is not an ideal option for a bodybuilder.

But Using a variety of casein sources, including milk and even ice cream, may be part of a balanced and healthy diet.

Discussion. Casein protein is useful to bodybuilders. It is worth considering for all athletes. The form of casein you are using is a major issue: milk contains casein, as do special supplements.

Overall, the decision whether to use a special casein supplement is a personal one. These supplemental powders are more expensive than whole milk. But they may be easier, or may even help motivate you.

Thus From a scientific perspective, the form factor of casein matters little. Casein is helpful for muscle growth in any form.

Story. I used to think bodybuilding was an exact science. I thought if I did not get the mixture of my protein correct, I would not gain muscle. This was false, but that did not stop me from believing it.

So I ordered some expensive casein protein from the Internet. It clumped together badly when mixing it.

However I used the entire container of protein, in hopes it would help enhance my results.

Years later, I am still lifting weights. But now I know that muscle building is not an exact science—it is more of a lifestyle. And drinking milk is just as anabolic as casein protein.


Eating natural foods, like whole milk, also has many advantages over powered proteins. Natural foods are cheaper, so you might be tempted to eat more—this would help with muscle growth.

Note I would now not recommend spending much money on casein protein, but rather focusing on more important aspects of training.

And These aspects include sleep, healthy eating, a positive mood and motivation, and good health.

Summary. Casein is a great protein. You can get this type of protein by drinking milk, even lactose-free milk. Supplements are also available, but they are usually more expensive. A balanced, protein-rich diet is an optimal approach.

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