Butter Bodybuilding NotesButter has positive effects for bodybuilding and muscle mass. It increases testosterone.
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Butter. The other day I was flexing my muscles. My biceps bulged out of my tight polo shirt. I wondered how I could make my muscles bigger. Would eating more butter help?

I researched butter. I found it helps with testosterone levels. And with higher testosterone levels, a man can make his muscles larger and more impressive.

Bodybuilding. I turned to medical research to determine if butter has benefits for bodybuilders. I found an interesting study done on rats. These were not special bodybuilder rats.

Instead Seven groups were given different diets and exercise programs. Some groups had oil added to their diets.

Oils. Like butter, oil is high in fat and saturated fat. Some of the rats given additional oil—meaning additional saturated fat—had increased levels of free testosterone.

Quote In addition, levels of Testosterone in the [canola oil-fed rats] and [coconut-oil fed rats], and Free Testosterone in the [coconut-oil fed rats] had a remarkable increase.

Effect of consumption of fatty acids

Canola oil and coconut oil. The study showed that testosterone increased in the canola-oil and coconut-oil fed rats. These rats had the normal food but were supplemented with oil.

Canola oil: Self.com

Coconut oil: Self.com

Info Canola oil has less saturated fat than coconut oil. But in many ways the oils are similar.

Canola oil: 1 tbsp
Saturated fat: 1 g

Coconut oil: 1 tbsp
Saturated fat: 12 g

Butter and coconut oil. Butter has 7 grams of saturated fat in one tablespoon, which puts it somewhere between canola oil and coconut oil.

Thus Butter's effect on testosterone is likely between canola and coconut oil.

Note Canola oil has a smaller effect on testosterone. Butter then would have a larger effect on testosterone than canola oil.

Some logic. Butter will lead to increased levels of testosterone according to the animal study here. It will likely lead to increased testosterone in bodybuilders.

Further Increased levels of free testosterone and total testosterone help muscle growth.

Nutrition facts. What are the nutrition facts for butter? This is a package of supermarket butter: grade AA. The serving size is one tablespoon.

Sections On the wrapper, there are usually sections. Each section is equal to one table spoon of butter (for cooking usually).

Calories This is for one serving of butter (not the entire stick). All of the 100 calories are from fat.

And Most of the grams of fat are in the form of saturated fat. This butter contains some sodium as well.

Nutrition facts for butter
Serving size: 1 tbsp Servings per container: 32 Calories: 100 Calories from Fat: 100 Total Fat: 11 g Saturated Fat: 7 g Trans Fat: 0 g Cholesterol: 30 mg Sodium: 95 mg Total Carbohydrate: 0 g Protein: 0 g Vitamin A: 8%

Amount. In life moderation is often key. Often bodybuilders think more is always better—more muscle mass, more strength, more food.

But in medicine Drugs have a range of ideal dosage. Butter should also be used in the proper amount.

As bodybuilders, we want an ideal amount of butter. This leads to the development of muscular bulk—but not so much that it overwhelms the digestive system.

Amounts. Eating four sticks of butter a day is likely too much. The increase in testosterone would not just keep continuing as you eat more butter.

One stick I would guess the increase in testosterone levels would end at around one stick of butter a day.

Body size. For a big man, an entire stick of butter every day would perhaps be beneficial. For a smaller person, four tablespoons of butter a day—half a stick—would be sufficient.

Note I am basing this suggestion on the scientific research that shows saturated fat increases testosterone.

And Butter may or may not have excess health risks. This too is a topic of controversy.

Dietary fat. Researchers at Harvard found that dietary fat has no influence on body fat. In cultures that eat high levels of fat, people are often thinner and more fit.

And In cultures that avoid fat, we often have more overweight individuals. It is unclear what causes what.

Quote Diets high in fat do not appear to be the primary cause of the high prevalence of excess body fat in our society, and reductions in fat will not be a solution.

Dietary fat is not a major determinant of body fat

Body fat. Eating a lot of butter each day will not make you fat. Becoming obese follows some other pathway—even Harvard researchers think this.

Story. Butter is a favorite of mine. Over the years I have eaten a lot of it. I often have bought four packages of butter at each trip to the supermarket.

And Some days I have eaten as many as four entire sticks of butter. This is 3200 calories of pure fat.

So I am not a walking skeleton but I am leaner and more muscular than most men I see walking around.

Tip Eating excess butter has not led to a huge belly and I am able to walk around on my own.

Sexual interest. One fascinating event that happens is that my sexual interest sometimes increases after consuming a lot of butter.

Note This is directly due to the effect of saturated fat on a man's testosterone levels.

And This is confirmed by the study on the rats described above. Butter does not reduce my sex drive—it enhances it. I get an erection.

Diarrhea. One additional problem with consuming a lot of butter is that it may bother your stomach. If you are not used to eating that much fat, you may have diarrhea.

In my experience This over time reduces as you adjust to eating more fat in your diet.

Bread. Butter often goes with bread. In my research I have found that gluten-free diets, ones with no bread, are not an advantage for the muscular bodybuilder.


Peanut butter. This is not normal butter, but according to the name, it is a form of butter. Peanut butter is a good source of protein.

Peanut Butter

Some caution. There is much we do not know about science and health. The connection between dietary fat and lipid levels in the body is thought to be weak.

However Eating excessive butter is probably a bad idea for your health—as is doing anything to excess.

And An extreme diet, even one based by research, may be harmful. Don't do everything the Internet tells you to do.

A summary. Butter—and oils such as canola oil and coconut oil—have benefits for bodybuilders. It leads to increased testosterone levels.

In scientific research, coconut oil is likely superior to even butter in this regard. Butter's fat content may lead to an increase in sex hormones and whole-body muscle synthesis.

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