Bread Bodybuilding NotesConsider the benefits and negatives of bread and pasta in bodybuilding and muscle size. These foods contain gluten.
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I love bread. I could eat it all day. But it does not love me back. It tends to make me feel bloated and slow. I have learned to eat less of it.

Gluten. Bread and pasta are gluten-based foods. These have benefits for athletes including bodybuilders. They provide calories to fuel workouts.

But They also lead to weight gain and feeling tired. Do bread and pasta improve muscle gains?

A gluten-free diet Not necessarily better. It does not lead to improved body composition. It is not the same as a muscle-building diet.

Gluten sensitivity If you are sensitive, avoiding grains leads to improved health. This does not apply to all people.

Bioavailable? Bread and pasta contain protein, but their protein is less bioavailable than certain other sources. The protein is derived from a plant source—wheat.

Plants Scientific research has found that plants lack the necessary amino acids to promote muscle growth.

Studies done on another plant source—soybeans—show that using a BCAA supplement improves protein usage by the muscles. A BCAA supplement would help some bodybuilders.

Beans and BCAA

Paleo. Many bodybuilders are interested in the Paleo diet. This diet plan is also known as the caveman diet. It eliminates all sources of grains.

Instead In Paleo we eat lean meats, fruits and certain vegetables. This diet is known to lead to fat loss.

For bodybuilders it could accompany muscle gains as well. Perhaps one of its most effective features is simply that bread and pasta have lots of calories.

And By eliminating those food groups, we eliminate those calories. This leads to better, less fat, physiques.

Muscle. How do gluten products affect muscle mass? Could gluten increase or decrease muscularity? In one study, we examine people who have celiac disease and are intolerant of gluten.

And After one year of avoiding gluten, they had gained body fat, muscle mass, bone density and height.

Quote At diagnosis the patients had height, arm muscle area, triceps skinfolds, subscapular skinfolds, fat area index, and bone mineral content significantly lower than... a control group.

Quote After one year on [a-gluten free diet], no significant difference was found... except in height and arm muscle area, which, however, were near to the normal expected.

Restoration of body composition

Thus, a gluten-free diet can support body growth, including arm muscle growth. But it also shows that this diet holds no exceptional advantage.

Result Those who ate no gluten did not surpass the other group. They did not gain extra muscles.

So For bodybuilders, a gluten-free diet likely has no benefits for muscle growth unless the individual has a sensitivity to gluten.

Another study showed that the gluten-free diet did not increase muscle mass in patients. This indicates that a gluten-free diet does not lead to extra muscle.

Quote After treatment, we noted a significant increase in body weight, fat mass, bone mass, and body mass index. In contrast, we did not observe a significant increase in lean-tissue mass or muscle mass.

Longitudinal study on body composition

Body composition. How do bread and pasta affect the physique? One study focused on those who ate a gluten-free diet for one year.

Celiac These people had celiac disease, an intolerance to foods like bread. And the other group ate a normal diet including wheat.

And Those who did not eat wheat weighed less. They had less fat mass and less muscle mass.

Quote In conclusion, the results of our study showed that [celiac disease] patients consuming a strict [gluten free diet] and in complete clinical, biochemical, and histologic remission had a lower [body mass index], fat mass, and lean mass than did control subjects.

Body composition and dietary intakes

Notes on the study. This study was done on those with celiac disease. This could mean that the disease itself was partly to blame for the group's lack of size.

But It also shows that a gluten-free diet is not a guaranteed way to gain muscle mass.

Gluten-free diet. Some bodybuilders might think that a gluten-free diet, one that has no bread or pasta, could help muscle growth and fat loss.

However This has not been supported by scientific research. Instead, gluten-free diets tend to lead to more body fat.

Tip Please remember that it depends on what gluten-free foods you choose to eat. Effective, gluten-free bodybuilding foods are ideal.

Quote [Percent fat free mass] was significantly higher in untreated male and female celiac disease patients than in control subjects....

Changes in body composition

Celiac disease is a severe form of gluten intolerance. Research shows that when people who are sick from eating wheat move to not eating wheat at all, this leads to fat gain.

Quote In both male and female celiac disease patients, the [gluten-free diet] treatment resulted in an increase in both [fat mass] and [percent fat mass] (Changes in body composition).

Caution. The medical research here was done on people suffering from a digestive disorder. It supports the premise that eating a gluten-free diet is not necessarily healthy for people.

Instead It comes down to whether a diet has enough protein and animal products to support muscle development.

Calories. Bread and pasta they supply a lot of calories. This will fuel the lifter's workout. These are high-carbohydrate foods. But this can also pack on the fat.

Tip They are used by runners and endurance athletes before their events to provide an energy source.

Note For bodybuilders the effect is the same. Most bodybuilders engage in cardiovascular exercise. Bread and other grains fuels this.

Replace foods. This is a consideration. Foods you eat must replace those you don't. If you choose to eat a bowl of pasta or several biscuits, you will not eat milk or whey protein.

For bodybuilding Milk or whey protein supplements are superior than plant-based proteins.

So If you eat enough bread that it replaces better muscle-building foods in your diet, it has drawbacks.

Peanut Butter

Milk and Muscle

Whey and Muscle

Tip Eating a bowl of macaroni, tortellini or fettuccine alfredo has an opportunity cost.

And It means you may eat fewer beans, drink fewer protein shakes and eat less peanut butter. This affects your musculature.

Gluten intolerance. In one situation, avoiding pasta, baked goods and bread is a clear win. Some have gluten intolerance, which often involves an inflammatory response.

Tip For bodybuilders with gluten intolerance, a gluten-free diet leads to better results.

Gluten foods (pasta and bread) are an energy source. Avoiding these foods has no drastic effect on muscle mass. Avoiding gluten benefits those intolerant of it.

For healthy bodybuilders, a gluten-free diet has no proven benefit. A quality, muscle-building gluten-free diet would be beneficial—as would any quality dietary plan.

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