Abdominal MusclesLearn how to get six-pack abs. Eliminate your stomach fat and become lean and muscular.
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Abdominals. A bodybuilder's abs are important for his physique. With muscular definition, your whole body looks different. Abs take time and dedication.
In bodybuilding, we have a choice between big and bulky, and thinner and ripped. In the 1970s, men often choose to become big and bulky. Today, in 2021, lifters often choose a sleeker look.
How common. At my local gym I decided to take a survey of how many people have chiseled six-pack abs. My gym is in a city where most people are overweight.
Part 1 Of the six men I observed, I could tell five lacked abs. But the sixth was a more serious bodybuilder (he was doing curls).
Part 2 For women, none of the three women present appeared likely to have abs.
Six-pack data:
Part 1: Men No abs: 5 (83%) Probable abs: 1 (16%) Part 2: Women No abs: 3 (100%) Probable abs: 0 (0%)
Muscular. After bulking up, your pectoral muscles and triceps should be visible. Your legs should be thickly muscled and strong-looking.
And After bulking up for several years, you will be ready to lose that annoying body fat.
Abs At this point your six-pack abs will become noticeable. The new muscle mass will help your appearance.
Fat loss features:
1. Separation between pectorals. 2. Clear line under pectorals. 3. Definition on abs.
Lose fat. A bodybuilder sometimes needs to lose fat. For an ideal bodybuilder look, your arms should be big and strong. And your pectoral muscles should be visible.
Days If your chest muscles are large and defined, your abs might be visible within ten days.
Tip It is essential to reduce calories when trying to make your six-pack abs visible. This depends on your health and muscle mass.
Reduce fat intake. Generally I tend to enjoy a high-fat diet. But when losing weight for abdominal definition, reducing dietary fat is appropriate.
Scale. Should you get on the scale every single day as you lose fat? I recommend against it. I never enjoy weighing myself. It makes me miserable.
However It is important to weigh yourself occasionally and also take progress shots as you transform your physique.
Green tea. One trick I used to get six-pack abdominals was drinking green tea every day. Please remember that the general bodybuilding goals outlined above are most important.
Tip Green tea helps you cut that jiggly fat around your lower midsection. It helps even if you do not exercise.
How long. How long does it take to get six-pack abs? The answer is complicated. It mainly depends on where you are starting. But for average bodies it can be done within a year.
Days or weeks If you have been body building for two or more years, you can lose enough fat within several days or weeks.
Warning Don't be impatient. Good things come to those who are persistent and patient and make continual progress.
Small muscles. It is harder to lose enough fat to show your six-pack muscles if you do not have a lot of muscle mass. Muscles are metabolically active.
And Muscles burn calories. They improve your hormone profile. They are important in ab-building.
Info This is why I recommend bulking up for at least a year before trying to reveal your six-pack abs through weight loss.
Crunches. Doing crunches and sit-ups is not the easiest way to make your ab muscles bigger. Instead, full-body exercises such as heavy barbell squats will work the abs.
Tip Without a background in powerlifting, your physique will not become as strong as it could be.
Body fat percent. Abs are more visible with lower body fat. But abs also enlarge (hypertrophy) with training. They are muscles like your biceps.
Body fat percent, continued. The body fat percentage at which your abs become visible is dependent on your muscle mass. Bigger muscles make things easier.
And If you have low muscle mass, your body fat percentage must be very low for your abs to show.
Powerlifting. If you do heavy squatting, you will not have abs that look the same as someone who just does crunches. Powerlifting and squatting changes the entire body.
Shape. Some men have smaller and more pointed muscles. These muscles have far insertion points. Overall these people are lighter in build and weigh less.
And Others have far insertion points—these people have muscles that are broader and flatter.
Stronger They tend to have blockier physiques and are stronger. They have very thick and strong legs and arms.
Teenager. When I was a teenager, my abs would not show no matter what I did. This made me sad. My body fat percentage was actually not high.
Instead My muscles were broad and flat. Without serious strength training, I could never see my abs.
And Other boys who had different shapes to their muscles—even smaller muscles—could see their abs while I could not.
Summary. Six-pack abs may be years away depending on your body type. I recommend many years of weight training. After hard training, your abs will be much easier to reveal.
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