4 AM Workouts4AM exercise is possible and a good idea. Early exercise will help you stay motivated.
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Lifting early. Early exercise has special benefits. I share some research here. I roll out of bed every morning at around 3 AM or 4 AM to work out.

Some research. Early workouts are easier to keep up. Let's review some of the literature. One book I consulted was the Fitness Professional's Handbook.

And It suggests morning exercise is often easiest. There are fewer things to do in the morning.

Quote Exercising in the morning may be easier to stick with than exercising during the day when numerous demands compete for time (Fitness Professional's Handbook).

My experience. I have found early workouts are easier to handle. Morning exercise is done when you have energy after the night's sleep. And there are no phone calls.

Further There are no television programs to watch and fewer emails to answer. Life is simpler.

4 AM. It is important to start your day off right: not with sugary donuts but with a good workout. This changes so many things about your health.

Life With an increased level of health and fitness, other aspects of your life fall into place.

Tip You will be able to work more efficiently after your 4 AM workout is over with.

Then At night, you will have a much easier time of getting to sleep with adequate exercise at 4 AM.

A magic hour. This hour is magical in special ways. It is a private time. You don't have the burden of all the stressors in life piling up on your shoulders again.

And For me, 4 in the morning is the best part of the day. I haven't yet started worrying.

Endorphins. These are chemicals released by workouts. They make me feel even more positive. This effect has lessened over the years. I am usually done with my workout by 6 AM.

And After that point, the worries in my life, the constant burden of stress, start to push me back down.

Some tips. I don't know if these reasons will convince anyone to start exercising at 4 AM. But I know there are others who also get up early to work out.

Magical It is for them, too, a magical experience—something to be cherished and not resented.

So If I see you at the gym at 4 AM, I hope you can sense the positivity from me at that special hour.

Get up early. I get up sometime between 4 AM and 5 AM every morning to hit the gym. This is not because I am a disciplined person who likes torturing myself.

Instead It is because I look forward to my exercise, which helps me improve my health.

Note Early exercise routines are more likely to be successful. I provide tips for getting up early to work out.

Bedtime. I find it easier to get up early when I go to bed early. Sometimes I even go to bed at 8 PM to help prepare myself for my early workout.

But If you have a wild night life and cannot go to sleep that early, it is probably best to skip early workouts.

Make it a habit. Unfortunately, as with all things exercise-related, having practiced doing something many times makes it much easier.

And For this reason, you have to just keep doing the routine until it becomes habitual.

Coffee. Without coffee, I can't get going on my workout. Coffee and tea actually have certain health-improving properties. They can help you build muscle.


Enjoyment. It is easier to work out when you enjoy doing it. This means it is probably a bad idea to do anything you hate. It will be easier to get up each morning.

Get up. Getting up early to exercise is a hard thing to do. But it may also be rewarding. I encourage everyone to try this—see if you can do it regularly before giving up.

And If you have done the early-morning routine before, and disliked it, then you know better than to try it again.

But If you have not, I recommend that you try an early morning workout routine. Go to bed earlier and see if you get up earlier.

Benefits. I am an early morning exerciser. Almost every day, I get up at 3 AM to start my exercise routine. As a bodybuilder, I prefer heavy lifting.

First benefit. Getting up early to exercise is intuitive. It is automatic. Think about it—what else is there to do at 4 or 5 AM? There are not many options for entertainment.

Info The stock market is not open, no one is around to call on your phone, you won't get any calls.

And Most restaurants are not open, stores are not open, and no one is at your workplace.

So Exercise is more automatic because there are no other temptations at this time of day.

Cool. It is cool in the morning. This means that you might not need sunscreen most of the time. A hat could do instead. The cool air might invigorate you.

Warm up The cold might make you more motivated to get warmed up. You need to get the blood pumping.

Tip As with most things exercise-related, your mindset is key. When you get your early exercise, you can feel good afterwards.

Diet. Because you recently exercised, you will also be more likely to stick to your diet. The early exercise seems to help people stay motivated throughout the day.

Times. Everyone has a favorite time to work out. I have presented evidence that early workouts are the most likely to be successful. But do what works.

12 AM, 1 AM, 2 AM I have never exercised at this time. This is zombie time. This time is for sleeping or trying to sleep.

3 AM, 4 AM, 5 AM, 6 AM A good time for cardiovascular exercise like walking or running.

7 AM, 8 AM, 9 AM, 10 AM A good late-morning workout. I sometimes delay my weightlifting until late morning, after early cardio.

11 AM, 12 PM, 1 PM, 2 PM This time of the day is for eating, not lifting. I sometimes even try to take a nap (to build more muscle).

3 PM, 4 PM, 5 PM, 6 PM This would make a good afternoon workout. I only do this if I am desperate for a lifting fix.

7 PM, 8 PM, 9 PM, 10 PM The gym is usually crowded in the evening. This can be a serious problem in January.

11 PM I think this is a good time to be sleeping, not lifting heavy barbells or torturing yourself on a treadmill.

A personal note. When I first began lifting, I thought there was a magic code to being a bodybuilder. I since found this was not true.

Hard work It is discipline. It is an understanding of why you should keep exercising—why it is important.

Tip There are so many benefits, it is worth doing. I hope you succeed with your goals.


Summary. With early morning workouts, you keep exercising and this yields the best results. Keep up the good work. The crazy ones who get up at 3 AM to work out get the best results.

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